<< Safety Zone S & S Consultancy is now operating in its newly opened branch in Beirut, Lebanon. >> * << By the beginning of the year 2013, Safety Zone obtained accreditation from OSHA Academy. >> * << Safety Zone is approved from Major Oil & Gas Companies in UAE and providing HSE Courses such as Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S), Safe Erection & Dismantling of Scaffold, Safe Rigging & Slinging, Safe Forklift Operation, Basic Fire Fighting, etc. >> * << Safety Zone achieved license from ACTVET, Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical & Vocational Education & Training, in March 2013. >> * << Safety Zone is conducting the following courses: 1) 132 hrs Occupational Safety & Health Professional. 2) 44 hrs Occupational Safety & Health Specialist. 3) 36 hrs Occupational Safety & Health Supervisor. 4) Nebosh IGC every 3 months. 5) Iosh Managing / Working Safely every month. 6) Scaffold Competent Person. 7) Scaffold Inspector course. 8) Basic First Aid & Basic Fire Fighting. 9) Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S). >>



Safety Zone S & S Consultancy is a recognized safety consultant & HSE Training/Third Party Inspection Company which is licensed and approved by the Government of Abu Dhabi, ACTVET Environmental agency, ENAS, LEEA, NEBOSH, IOSH, OSHAcademy, Emergency First response, Scaffold Training Institute (USA) and World Safety Organization.


Safety Zone was established in 2007 as a small consultancy company with a vision to provide top class and dependable services to its clients. As the years passed by, we kept improvising our quality and team, and focusing on the Inspection and Training sectors as well, thus becoming a member of LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) in 2010 and NEBOSH in 2012. Moreover, Safety Zone is registered and approved from ADNOC Group Companies as ADNOC, ADCO, BOROUGE, ESNAAD, FERTIL, GASCO, NDC & TAKREER.


Safety Zone is headquartered in UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi, and has branches in India, Lebanon and is due to open few more branches in other gulf countries and in Asia.


Our inspectors are LEEA approved (Certified) and follow LOLER regulations in all the inspections they carry out.


Our Training centre has qualified instructors and is well equipped with latest gadgets and practical equipments with visual aids and handouts helping the attendees to get a dynamic learning environment.


If you call on Safety Zone, you have the certainty of working with an extremely reliable organization that guarantees a flexible and impartial service.

Safety Zone provides total HSE solutions, supports, Third party inspections of all operating machinery and equipments and site Audits. We provide high quality service at competitive and reasonable rates to meet all needs and requirements of constructional sites, industries and factories according to the local and international Standards.


Our Company care to ensure and implement proper and standard “Safety” with all its sections over your working site


That’s what Safety Zone S & S Consultancy is all about, round the clock; safety and reliability of what is dear to you.


Our Vision

Safety Zone S & S Consultancy vision is to increase Health & Safety Awareness. We seek quality improvement and aim to achieve the highest standards of excellence. We are looking forward to make UAE a safer place to work through technical support, information & training programs as well as consulting services, health auditing, and safety & environmental practices.


Our Mission

Safety Zone S & S Consultancy is committed to provide consistent and efficient Personalized HSE; Training; Inspection & Consultancy services.

Safety Zone creates a measurable added value for its Clients Risk Management Strategies. Our mission is to:


-   Support you in keeping your equipment well maintained and safe for use at all times. We strive to prevent the companies from disasters of any nature.

-   Promote excellence in Occupational Safety & Health Education to improve performance and thereby make our industries a safer & healthier place to work with.

-   Constantly improve Safety & Health education to suit advancement of technology.

-   Adopt sound research for curriculum development for safety education.

-   Help popularize Occupational Safety Movement.


We are dedicated to comply with our customers and regulatory requirement through the continual improvement of our Quality Management System.

Guidelines of HSE:

Based on the main thread of overall implementation of HSE management system, the Company takes the following measures to guarantee secure and steady production:


-   Sticking to the principle of "Safety and Prevention First";

-   Implementing the "Bans on Production Safety";

-   Reinforcing HSE supervision;

-   Intensifying HSE basic management;

-   Stressing environmental protection;

-   Defining environmental protection responsibility for each;

-   Improving work efficiency and management of HSE

Performance Targets of HSE:

The Company regulates HSE management according to the standards of HSE management system; defines HSE responsibilities of all levels; strengthens HSE education and training to step up comprehensive qualities of staff; intensifies control over hidden peril of accidents and environmental hazards; standardizes HSE supervision on contractors; severely takes charge of HSE management of direct work links; rigorously enforces responsibility investigation of accidents; prevents serious and extremely serious accidents while reduces general ones, and achieves every safety and environmental protection target.

Man Power:

Safety Zone S & S Consultancy has trained and qualified engineers and instructors approved by the municipality of Abu Dhabi and other relevant international certification bodies. Safety Zone Manpower can help your company anticipate and benefit from the changes happening now and next in the contemporary world of work. We have a strong team who has experience in Training, inspecting, staffing, outsourcing and consulting.